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Wellco Boots: From Slippers to Combat Boots

Today, Wellco Boots are most recognizable as military or combat tactical boots. However, that hasn't always been the case. When the company first began, they solely made slippers and lightweight, casual shoes. In 1965, as a result of the Vietnam War, Wellco began to manufacture combat boots. The popularity of the combat boots took off, and Wellco eventually stopped making casual shoes and slippers altogether in 1985.

Part of the reason Wellco Boots are so popular with men and women in the military is because these boots are incredibly lightweight, combat boots meet all uniform standards, they are Berry Compliant and Made in the U.S.A.

Although these boots are most popular as military boots, they are also ideal for a variety of other professions as well including tactical operators, law enforcement agents, construction workers, corrections officers, and a variety of others. For more information about these USMC boots, visit the Wellco Boots Buying Guide.

Wellco Boots Extraordinary Features

Tactical Boot Store offers a variety of Wellco Boots. These waterproof boots are specifically designed for military personnel because of the protection they provide from tough weather elements and other debris as well. Below you will find some of the most extraordinary features of Wellco Boots.

  • Full-grain leather and nylon uppers
  • TUFFKushion Midsoles
  • Vibram Outsoles
  • Electrical Hazard Protection

When buying Wellco Boots from Tactical Boot Store, it is essential that you choose boots that fit appropriately. To make sure you get the tactical boots that will fit your feet best, visit our Wellco Boots Sizing Guide.

Wellco Boots: The First Boot Choice for United States Marines

Marines and other military personnel need comfortable, flexible boots that offer extraordinary traction. In fact, marines are often in such intense situations that they can't be worried about their footwear, they just need to know that their boots won't let them down. Below you will find several other reasons the Wellco Boots are great for military personnel and others.

  • Lightweight boots reduce fatigue
  • Wellco Boots are made for hot weather conditions
  • Available in a variety of uniform appropriate colors including desert tan, sage green, black, and brown
  • Boots are easy to get on and take off

All Wellco Boots are guaranteed to provide wearers with excellent comfort. In addition to comfort, the boots provide fantastic traction as well. The incredible traction of Wellco Boots ensures that wearers can rely on their boots, even in intense situations such as rainy, snowy, rocky, or sandy conditions. Tactical Boot Store offers Wellco Boots at affordable prices. Our low prices ensure that public servants such as military personnel, law enforcement agents, first responders, and others can purchase the footwear they need to do their jobs successfully. To learn more about Wellco Boots, refer to our Wellco Boots Frequently Asked Questions.