Under Armour Boots Buying Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

For a first responder to be quick on his feet, and focused on the safety of those he is sworn to protect, he can't be distracted by his footwear. Choosing the right pair of boots will ensure that servicemen have the foot support they need while on the job. When trying to select boots, a number of comfort and wearability factors should be carefully considered. The wide range of Under Armour boots available from the Tactical Boot Store make it possible to select the right pair every time. Take into consideration each of these important elements when selecting from the boot types available from Under Armour.


If a tactical boot does not fit the foot correctly, it cannot possibly support the foot well. Selecting the right size is the first step in checking a boots overall suitability. Under Armour makes sure that every boot is true to size, so that you can buy the same boot time and time again, knowing it will fit well. Bear in mind that boots that lace up offer a more customizable, or exact, fit than zip up or pull on boot varieties, which provides greater stability, and support when on the job. Getting a boot that fits you well will ensure you are ready for whatever comes your way when performing public duties.

Durable Construction

Under Armour Boots adhere to the strict quality that the Under Armour brand is known for. They are made from genuine leather, and other top quality materials, well suited to the type of support they are intended to perform. The materials will not easily wear or fray, and are expected to withstand the hard day-to-day beating they will receive in the field. No matter what duties an emergency responder is expected to perform, Under Armour has a boot product designed be both long-lasting, and wear well.

High Quality Materials

Under Armour uses unique and patented materials, to carefully assemble an array of boots guaranteed to perform well. Each line of boots use materials, design elements, and sole construction that are specifically well-suited to the type of terrain they were created for. Service professionals can find boots with steel toes, if they are on duty in a hazardous work zone, and runner's soles if they need to be swift on their feet. Specially patented materials, and design elements, like Armourbound, for increased cushioning, Armourlastic, for shock absorption and forefoot protection, and Armourguide, for impact protection and ankle support, are unlike anything else on the market. These features will reduce foot stress, and leg fatigue, increase joint stability, and ensure long term foot health, even for servicemen who spend most of their hours on their feet.

Uniform Requirements

Under Armour understands that men in uniform need comfort and style that conforms to uniform standards. They provide boots in a variety of colors, and styles, to meet local and federal uniform standards, while still providing all-day comfort. Low top boots for in-office comfort, tactical boots for strategic protection, and a number of other speciality boot products are available in black, brown, multicamo, and desert to ensure every uniform need is met. Firefighters can find waterproof footwear that slide easily through fire suit legs, while providing on-the-job protection. Policemen can find uniform ready boots with Speed Freak soles for greater grip on asphalt, and other, running surfaces. Whatever tactical needs must be met, Tactical Boot Store can deliver top-of-the-line boot options, at truly affordable prices to meet the first response communities needs and requirements.

Best Prices

There is no doubt that the boots a civil servant wears in the field are a significant investment. Tactical Boot Store reduces prices to ensure that public defenders have the footwear they need, without putting a financial strain on their families. They are known for providing exclusive boot options, at rock-bottom prices. At the tactical boot store we work to recognize and reward the important work that you do, by providing boots and service you can trust. We thank and reward you for all that you do, and hope that we can offer you the best products and prices you find anywhere.

When you need exceptional uniform footwear, at a price you can afford, you need not look further than the Under Armour boot selection at the Tactical Boot Store. We offer the best for less, and allow you all the benefits which should be awarded to your profession, so that you can get back to doing what you do best- performing the critical duty of protecting and defending us all.

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