Under Armour Boot Sizing Chart

by Tactical Boot Store

Many tactical boots are offered only in men's sizing. For women purchasing tactical footwear, this can make purchasing a boot with the right fit a challenge. When purchasing Under Armour boots, use our convenient sizing chart as a guide to the perfect it. Additionally, women or men trying to determine which size they need can use the detailed information in the chart of make the appropriate boot selection.

As a general rule tactical boots run true to size, and can be ordered in the same size as your favorite army-issue boot or tennis shoe. Women purchasing a shoe in men's sizing should order two sizes smaller than their regular boot size for a snug and supportive fit.

If you have more specific questions about fitting for your tactical boot needs, contact us here at the Tactical Boot Store, and we will be glad to guide you to an ideal boot from our Under Armour tactical boot line. Our experts and standing by, and waiting to answer any question you may have about our tactical boot products.

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