The duty boots offer adequate safety and comfort for your feet

by Tactical Boot Store

The duty boots refer to the kind of boots worn by people to their work place. For the typical office goers who are only involved with the normal routine of sitting and walking, there may not be any special needs. However, during extreme climatic situations like rains or heat, the requirements may change. The other side of the coin is the employees who are involved in potentially hazardous forms of work. These people with hazardous occupation need special protection and care for their feet.

The average person who may be a salesman or a courier delivery or a pizza delivery man would need duty boots which are protective in nature and cushion the feet adequately. The duty boots for the people on the move should be also light in weight. During the winters it would be advisable to have adequate insulation of the feet, to prevent the feet from loosing heat. To retain the heat within the duty boots have an internal insulation lining. When the individual is involved in work with constant exposure to water, there is a need of water resistant material. Resin or canvas lining may be used with the tough leather to provide the adequate water proofing. The soles of these duty boots should be of tough flexible rubber, for better grip and water resistance. Ideally the height of duty boots while working with water should be up to the calf or knee.

In case, ones work involves high temperatures then duty boots made of heat resistant material needs to be used. While working in the humid environment the duty boots should have adequate ventilation to loose the moisture generated inside. The duty boots employ special wicking material inside the boots to mop up the sweat. The duty boots for humid climates also ensure ventilation by using holes in the insteps. In such hot humid situations the insole of the duty boots would be replaced with the suede leather rather than foam. Suede leather is soft, velvety and absorbs moisture, keeping the feet dry.

While working in units which deal with heavy loads, it is advisable to utilize the toughened leather duty boots. These structures have reinforced rubber as the body of the boots. The duty boots for people involved with heavy loads are protected by the toe protection. There is a special casing above the toe region which employs the steel or hardened rubber for protection to the toe. The soles of these duty boots should have greater thickness and provide good stability to the wearer, along with good grip, on the surface. The duty boots where the person has to stand for a long time, use gel insole, for greater shock absorption and better cushioning.

The uppers of duty boots in cold climates should ideally have tough leather or resin whichever retains heat better. In case one is involved only in office work, then soft leather uppers would also do. When one is involved in outdoor work, it is good to have tough leather on the outside. There should be an adequate cushion lining on the inside to prevent shoe bites. Good thick socks should be worn with tough leather. The duty boots would ideally have shiny black leather as the uppers, however the roughed out tan leather can be used during the weekends or formal parties. For every type of role that you pay there are duty boots available.

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