Tactical Research Buying Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

Belleville Boots is responsible for the design and manufacture of the entire line of Tactical Research Boots. This American company has its roots in Belleville, Illinois, with a history that dates back to the early 1900s. In 1904, the Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Company was founded by a consortium of five local businessmen who saw an opportunity in the national marketplace. The company's centralized location soon helped the company to achieve coast-to-coast distribution. Today, Belleville Boots and the Tactical Research Boots line offer exceptional value and comfort for Tactical Boot Store customers.

When purchasing Tactical Research Boots, it is important to consider a number of factors that can significantly affect your performance and comfort when wearing these elite tactical boots. Here are six points to consider when choosing duty boots or tactical footwear from Tactical Boot Store.


Choosing sturdy boots that can stand up to daily wear and high-impact situations can ensure greater value for your money and can provide you with added security on the job. Rugged, reliable boots are a solid investment for your career in the first response field. Look for double-stitched uppers, puncture-resistant soles and steel-toe construction for added protection and durability in the course of your daily duties.


Your job may have strict uniform dress code requirements. Even if you work in a more casual and relaxed environment, matching your boots to your everyday duty uniform can produce a more pulled-together and professional look. Tactical Boot Store offers Belleville Tactical Research Boots in a wide range of styles, colors and heights designed to complement your uniform and help you look your best in the field or in the office. If you need green, brown, black or tan boots, Tactical Boot Store is your one-stop shop for top quality footgear. Shiny, suede or matte finishes are also available in these elite boot selections.

Fit and comfort

Finding the right size for your Tactical Research Boots can help you to achieve better fit and comfort. Shoelaces and removable insoles can help to customize the fit for difficult sizes. Belleville's line of Tactical Research Boots runs one-half to one full size larger in fit than standard shoe sizes. For hot weather boots, buy one size larger to ensure proper fit. For other tactical boots, buying one-half size larger than usual will generally achieve the best results. This easy-to-use sizing and fitting system ensures that you enjoy maximum comfort for your Tactical Research purchase at the Tactical Boot Store.

Top-quality materials

Tactical Research Boots by Belleville are constructed of the finest quality materials available. Full-grain leather, rugged double stitching and advanced polymers allow Tactical Research to provide solid performance in a wide range of first response situations. The best materials allow Belleville to produce the best tactical boots available in the equipment marketplace.

Added features

Tactical Boot Store offers a selection of Belleville's Tactical Research Boots suitable for use in a wide array of first response tasks.

  • Waterproof boots for firefighters
  • Sturdy steel-toe boots for ambulance personnel and construction workers
  • Flexible, high performance boots for police officers and military personnel
  • Removable insoles for comfort in high-impact situations
  • Tan boots for greater reflectivity in hot climates
  • Dark-colored boots for stealth and style

Whatever your duty boot or footwear requirements, Tactical Boot Store offers something to suit the way you work and play. Our full line of Belleville Tactical Research Boots will provide you with the support and performance you need to stay safe and comfortable even after hours on the job.

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