Selecting a Pair of Combat Boots

by Tactical Boot Store

When you go shopping for combat boots, there are a number of things to consider before making a purchase. Let's start at the top with...


When you buy a pair of combat boots, you may be tempted to buy a size that gives you a little room. The truth is that, if you plan on doing some hiking or any serious amount of walking in your boots, it's a good idea to make sure that they fit very, very well. Combat boots that fit like a glove are less likely to chafe. So if you can find a pair that are in the half-size increments you need, go for those, or else wear an extra thick pair of socks to fill out the extra space.


Leather tends to be the top choice for most combat boots, but you may want to look at canvas boots, as well. Weigh your options. Leather is more durable, whereas canvas is more flexible and breathes a little better. If you plan on hiking somewhere where it's very warm, canvas may be your best bet, but leather is pretty much guaranteed to last a whole lot longer than canvas.


Price shouldn't be the top consideration or the only consideration when buying a pair of combat boots, but it is important. Just remember that you often get what you pay for when you try to save a buck or two by buying the lesser pair of combat boots. When you have to replace your boots once a year, you're winding up spending more in the long run than you would buying the more expensive boots that will last you for years and years into the future. Certainly there are some combat boots out there that will last you a decade or longer if you really take care of them.

Selecting a pair based on price is easy, though. Take all the boots you're considering buying and narrow it down to your three favorites. If you can't decide, then buy the cheapest pair. Look for a fair price, certainly, but don't sacrifice quality, material, or durability just to save a few dollars or you'll only wind up paying more in the long run as your boots need replacing and repairs more often.

Now, this isn't to say that the best boots you can buy are always going to be the most expensive, it's just that the cheapest boots you can buy are almost certainly not going to be amongst the very best available.


And finally, here's what it really comes down to: what are you going to be using these boots for? Hiking trips? Every day use? Heck, are you going to be using them to play sports or patrol with the Guardian Angels? Whatever you're doing with them will determine what you're going to prioritize. If you want to wear the boots every day, comfort and durability are key. If you plan on wearing them for hiking, durability is less important, but tread and grip are vital. Whatever you use them for, all of these aspects are important, but some are more important than others depending on where you're going to be wearing them.

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