Rothco Boots Sizing Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

When choosing the proper fit of your Rothco boots from the Tactical Boot Store, you need to make sure you are choosing a boot that will meet your needs. It is important to remember that the best tac boots from Rothco will leave a small gap in the front of the boot, just enough to be able to move your toes. Too much of a gap, and the boots will be too big.

Choosing the proper width of these military boots is also vitally important. The best width choice will grip your foot snugly. It is also necessary to make sure the width is tight enough to not allow your heel to move up and down. A Rothco boot that moves up and down can cause painful blisters to develop. If the fit of your new Rothco boots doesn't feel just right, try adjusting the laces of the combat boots.

Rothco boots are available in a huge variety of sizes and widths. In fact, some Rothco boots are available in sizes as small as 1 and as large as 15. Widths of these popular police boots include medium and wide. For the best fit possible, many boots in the Rothco line are available in half size increments.

When it is time to choose your Rothco boot size, it is vital to remember that combat boots usually run a half to whole size bigger than your everyday running shoes. Therefore, you should consider this when choosing the right size for your foot. Women who are purchasing Rothco boots in men's sizes should buy boots that are two full sizes smaller than their sneakers.

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