Rothco Boots Buying Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

Rothco Boots Company was created over six decades ago. Today, the family run business is as committed to creating affordable tactical boots as they were when they originated so long ago. In addition to quality combat boots, Rothco has also created thousands of other products that have made the jobs of men and women in uniform a bit easier. This commitment to quality at affordable prices has made Rothco Boots one of the leaders in the military boots market. Due to their reliable performance, these waterproof boots are also popular as police boots, EMS boots, and firefighter boots. Keep reading below to learn more about Rothco's extraordinary tac boots.

Rothco Boots Fit

The key to reliability in a tactical boot is making sure the boot fits right. A properly fitting tactical boot will ensure surefootedness no matter the type of terrain a wearer incurs. Rothco boots takes proper fit seriously. For this reason, Rothco boots are available in a variety of different sizes and widths to ensure each person who wears the military boots gets a perfect fit. Eight-inch Rothco boots meet military and many other organizations standards for footwear, and the six-inch boots will set comfortably above the ankles. With this huge variety, wearers can surely find exactly what their feet demand in the Rothco lines of footgear.

Rothco's Quality Construction

Rothco has been around for over sixty years. One of the reasons this company has remained a leader in the police boot market is because their boots are made of high quality materials and are built to withstand the toughest missions on the planet. Some of the most popular materials used in Rothco military boots include rugged leather, Cordura nylon, rustproof hardware, and breathable materials.

Rothco Boots: Ideal Footwear Choice for a Variety of Careers

No matter what type of work boot you need, you are sure to find it with Rothco boots. Rothco's boot lines include:

  • Forced Entry
  • GI
  • Rubber Knees
  • Speedlace
  • Ultralace
  • Venturer
  • Wave Sole
  • Oxfords

Each of these duty boots has a different combination of features. The most common features found in these popular military boots includes:

  • Suede or rugged leather
  • Cordura nylon
  • Waterproofing materials
  • Moisture wicking lining
  • Side vents
  • Speed lace design
  • Rustproof hardware
  • Comfort collars
  • Removable insoles
  • Breathable uppers
  • A variety of colors including black, desert tan, and olive drab

Best Footwear Choices for Men and Women in Uniform

Rothco's tactical boots are popular military boots, but they are also the ideal tactical footwear choice for a variety of other careers. In fact, police officers, firefighters, and EMTs often have Rothco boots on their feet. Due to their affordable prices, quality construction, and extreme durability, these tac boots are also the footwear choice of many construction workers, manufacturers, and others who work long hours on their feet.

When considering footwear for work or play, make sure to go over everything Rothco has to offer you in a duty boot. With affordable prices and rugged construction, you can't go wrong with a Rothco boot.

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