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Rockport Works Boots

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Rockport Works Boots: Humble Beginnings to Worldwide Distribution

Rockport Boots were created in 1971 by Bruce Katz and his son. Katz's Rockport Boots were different from anything on the market at the time because they featured sportswear technology in an attractive work boot. Although unique, Katz and his son didn't experience instant success with their work boot creations. In lieu of instant success, Katz and his son traveled the New England area and sold their unique boots out of the trunk of their car. While the marketing strategy was unconventional, it worked. Soon, the Katz's boots were being highly sought after, and not just in the New England area. Eventually, the Katz's set up shop in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and began distributing their work boots all over the United States. Today, Rockport Boots are available in over 66 countries around the world.

Quality Rockport Work Boots and Uniform Boots

Rockport Boots are available in a variety of styles including hiking boots, work boots, uniform boots, and Oxfords. These boots are unique because they can be worn seamlessly from an office setting to a work setting. The features that make Rockport Boots incredibly popular include:

  • A variety of widths
  • Availability in black or brown
  • Soft toe, steel toe, or composite toe
  • Waterproof
  • Side zips
  • Lightweight

For more information about Rockport Boots, visit our Rockport Boots Buying Guide.

Rockport Boots Incredible Features

Rockport Boots owe their worldwide popularity to their amazing ruggedness and comfortability. In addition to their stylish appearance and wearability, the boots also feature a great deal of technology including:

  • Vibram Soles
  • DMX
  • Walk Dry Technology
  • Extreme Condition Systems
  • Abrasion resistant leather uppers
  • Moisture wicking lining
  • Polyurethane insoles
  • Removal EVA cushion inserts
  • truWALK Outsoles
  • adiPRENE Technology

These Rockport Boots feature the support and traction needed in a quality work boot or uniform boot. Their lightweight and superior traction make them a serious work boot for men and women who work long hours, which can be rough on their feet. To help you decide what size Rockport Boot is right for you, check out our Rockport Boots Sizing Guide.

Rockport Boots: Tough Enough for the Military, Comfortable Enough for Everyday Wear

The Rockport Boots unique design combines ruggedness and comfortableness in easy to wear footwear. What this means for wearers is the boots are tough enough to be worn as military hiking boots or uniform boots, but they provide the comfort of civilian work shoes, which makes them popular with a variety of professions including construction, corrections, manufacturing, and many others. These lightweight boots and Oxford shoes provide comfort and serve a utilitarian purpose while upholding uniform requirements as well. When you purchase any variety of Rockport Boots, you are ensuring that your feet are getting the very best in protection, style, and comfortability.

To learn more about Rockport Boots, visit our Rockport Boots Frequently Asked Questions page.  Here you will find answers to common questions. However, if you have any questions about the boots, please feel free to call or email us, and our expert customer service representatives will provide you with the answers you need.