Rockport Boot's Buyers Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

For over 40 years, Rockport Boots have delivered unique footwear to meet the needs of anyone who needs a rugged work boot or Oxford shoes. Rockport Boots were created in Marlborough, Massachusetts, by Brian Katz and his son. In its beginnings, Rockport Boots were solely sold out of the back of the Katz's vehicle. However, as the incredible work boots began to grow in popularity, the Katzs were able to set up a distribution center and store. Today, Rockport Boots are available in over 66 countries. Tactical Boot Store is proud to offer a variety of Rockport Boots to customers. Here are some of the features to consider when shopping for Rockport Boots.

Rockport Boots Fit

One of the most crucial parts of buying new boots is to make sure they fit comfortably. Rockport Boots are available in men's sizes and women's sizes, and can be purchased in a variety of widths including narrow, wide, and medium. Rockport Boots sizes are available in half-size increments from 6 to 14. Larger sizes may be available as a special order product..

Rockport Boots Superior Construction

Before each Rockport Superior Construction Boot is sent to dealers for sale, the boots undergo a variety of tests that ensure the work boot or uniform boot is up to Rockford's high quality standards. The conducted tests are similar to conditions the work boots would endure during a normal work day.

Every pair of Rockport Boots will exceed wearers expectations. The boots unique features make it the perfect work boot or uniform boot for a variety of careers including military, constructions workers, manufacturers, law enforcement agents, corrections officers, and first responders.

Rockport Boots Traction Control

All Rockport Boots, whether Oxford shoes or boots, provide superior traction control due to their Vibram soles. Vibram technology provides superior traction in a variety of inclement weather conditions including wet pavement, rocky terrain, and hard pavement. In addition to traction control, Rockport Boots also offer:

  • Superior safety in any field
  • Non-marking soles
  • Flexible soles that provide outstanding maneuverability

Due to their stylish look, quality materials and innovative technology, the Rockport Boots are the preferred choice of many individuals who need to wear work boots or uniform boots on a regular basis.

Rockport Boots for Any Career

Many law enforcement agents, military personnel, corrections officers, and first responders choose to wear Rockport Boots because of the shoes superior safety features and comfortability. However, the boots are also popular with a variety of other professions as well. Construction worker and manufacturers often choose Rockport Boots because of their unparalleled features. These boots are also perfect for managers who frequently go from office settings to shop settings in the same day. No matter what is thrown at a pair of Rockport Boots, the shoes are made to handle it.

Rockport Boots Work Boot and Uniform Boot Features

Rockport Boots incorporate innovative technology that provides superior protection and comfortability to men and women in a variety of fields including law enforcement, emergency first responders, and construction workers. Rockport technology includes:

  • Vibram soles
  • DMX
  • Walk Dry
  • Extreme Conditions Systems
  • Soft toe, steel toe, and composite toes
  • Side-zips for easy on/off
  • Moisture wick lining
  • Removable EVA midsoles

Rockport Boots offer all the features listed above and many more. Every Rockport Boot is created with the safety and performance of those who are going to wear them. Rockport Boots are guaranteed to perform, even in the most unfavorable conditions.

When you purchase these incredible work boots and uniform boots from us, you can rest easy that you are accessing quality work gear at the best prices available. Visiting Tactical Boot Store today allows you to buy exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

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