Original SWAT Boots Sizing Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

When purchasing your Original SWAT Boots from the Tactical Boot Store, you want to make sure you choose the best size to optimize the tactical boots' benefits. Properly fitting tac shoes will leave a bit of room in the front of the boot. You don't want a great deal of room, just enough to wiggle your toes.

When choosing a width for your boots, you want your police shoes to feel snug, but definitely not tight. For the very best fit, your heel shouldn't move when you are walking. If your heel is moving in the boot, you will be prone to developing painful blisters. Sometimes, the best way to improve the fit of a tactical boot is to adjust the laces throughout the boot.

Original SWAT Boots Sizes Available
Original SWAT Boots and traditional running shoes are available in a variety of men and women's sizes from 5 to 15. The boots are also available in variety of widths, which ensures that all wearers can purchase the tactical boots that fit their feet perfectly.

Original SWAT Boots are Similar to Running Shoe Sizes

Since not all tac boots are made the same, it is important to remember that Original SWAT Boots are most similar to traditional running shoes. For this reason, it is safe to order a tactical boot from us that is closest to your running shoe size. In addition to size and width, you will also want to account for things like socks when you are choosing you Original SWAT Boots.

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