Original SWAT Boots Buying Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

Original SWAT Boots was founded in 1999. Over the last decade, the boots have become one of the best-selling footwear in existence. Original SWAT Boots motto is "Tactical Performance Matters." True to their motto, the company has two missions. Firstly, to provide people with the best tactical footwear on the planet, and secondly, to provide exceptional customer service. On both subjects, the company goes above and beyond. Keep reading below to learn more about Original SWAT Boots extraordinary tac shoes.

Original SWAT Boots Fit

Original SWAT Boots spare no expense when it comes to the fit of their tactical boots. To ensure each tactical boot fits exactly the way it is supposed to, Original SWAT Boots builds each boot based on a computer-generated foot. The technology used to build this model uses the latest and greatest technology to complete this process and considers all parts of the boot including the outsole, midsole, and boarding. All SWAT boots are also lightweight, which makes them the ideal footwear for law enforcement agents, first responders, and military.

Quality Construction of Original SWAT Boots

Every tactical boot created by Original SWAT Boots is guaranteed to be made of the best quality materials available. Even the zippers and the laces on these boots are made of exceptional materials. In addition, the craftsmanship of each boot is superior. If there are ever any issues with Original SWAT Boots, except for wear and tear and abuse, the boots will be replaced. Before each boot is sold, it undergoes a variety of tests to ensure that it matches the high quality standards of the company.

*If you ever have a problem with tactical boots from Original SWAT Boots, return them, and they will be replaced.

The Best of Both Worlds: Tactical and Work Boot Features

There are several different boot types in the Original SWAT Boots family of tactical boots including the:

*Dress Oxford
*Air Training Lo

Each of these boots has a different set of features, but the most common features include:

*Air Cushion
*P.U. Midsole
*Slip-resistant Outsole
*Nylon and Leather Uppers
*Airport-Friendly Materials
*Non-metallic Shank
*YKK® Zipper with Velcro® Tab
*Metro Traction Outsole
*Thinsulate Insulation
*Electric Hazard Protection
*Anti-microbial Lining
*Removable Orthotics

Original SWAT Boots Traction Control

When creating their boots, Original SWAT Boots creators took their customer base into consideration. For that reason, Original SWAT Boots have superior traction control. What this means for customers is no matter whether you are trekking through the hot desert sand, climbing on rocky terrain, or running on wet pavement, you can trust that your Original SWAT Boots will deliver the traction you need to stay on your feet, and complete your job or mission successfully.

Perfect Boots for any Occupation

As the name would suggest, Original SWAT Boots are most popular as police shoes. However, the boots are not limited to just police. In fact, the tac boots are also popular with first responders, corrections officers, military personnel, and many other occupation that demands comfortable and reliable shoes.

Examine all the options Original SWAT Boots have to offer you and remember when your job is tough and hard on the body, you need to demand the footwear you are wearing is as tough as you.

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