Military boots offer unmatched safety and style

by Tactical Boot Store

The military boots play a very vital role in ensuring the soldiers in the combat zone are mobile and have a quick response. The other element of using the military boots is the protection they offer to the feet, in addition, compatibility with difficult terrains. There are different types of surfaces that the men in uniform have to trudge, when on a mission. The boots should ensure comfort, traction and safety to the feet.

The boots are usually are up to ankle height, but some varieties reach the knee. The concept of military boots began before the American civil war, where the army generals were given special boots and the infantry was only given the shoes. Then eventually by the World War I most army men got their own pair of military boots.

Today, the military personnel have access to the best military boots that the technology can offer. However, it took some time for the decision makers to notice the importance of boots and gear, for survival both in war and peace. By the Second World War, it was clear that due to inadequate clothing and foot protection, the fatalities went higher than expected. Due to the fatalities in war, close attention to the clothes and boots of the military was given. To begin with, the military boots were mainly made out of leather however as the time went by newer material came to the fore. Nowadays, the military boots are not only used by the military personnel but also by millions of non military personnel. In fact it is a craze in most parts of the world.

By the end of the Second World War, the military boots in the name of bluchers gained huge popularity amongst the young civilians. The bluchers had heavy soles, were black in color and had laces. In recent times, unless one is joining the military, there are lots of options available in terms of color, design and make of military boots. The newer forms of boots now utilize material which makes them lighter than their ancestors. The current boots also use rubber and leather however; the manner in which they are used makes them less heavy.

In addition the military boots of today, apart from sprucing up your gait, also have a huge fashion appeal. These boots have insulation for better adaptation to cold climates. There are padding situated in high stress areas of the boot to reduce the fatigue and injuries during long periods of walking or running. These military boots of the new generation are easy to zip on and fit snugly to the feet.

The key aspects of the military boots include the material that is utilized to make the body and the specialized soles. The correct combination of leather and canvas makes the military boots insulated and waterproof. This aspect of waterproofing is of essence in the areas which are damp and wet. The soles of the military boots have special role to play in maintaining the posture of the person wearing them.

Hence the soles of the boots are so designed to give maximum traction and stability to the structure wearing them. The current form of soles utilizes the vulcanized rubber unlike the past where boot soles were made of synthetic or reclaimed rubber. Finally, whatever the type, men and these days' women too, like wearing the tough and rugged boots. These military boots have become fashion statements.

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