Merrell Boots Buying Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

Over 30 years ago, Merrell Boots were created to provide outdoor enthusiasts with all the benefits of the best tactical boots on the market. The company is focused on creating high-performance boots that will aid anyone who steps outside in their impressive boots. While Merrell Boots, specifically Merrell's Moab boots, are made with outdoorsmen in mind, the tac boots are also popular with firefighters, military personnel, police officers, security officers, and others as well.

Merrell Boots Fit

To truly enjoy everything Merrell Boots has to offer, you must purchase the right size boots. If you don't have the right size boot, you risk not being able to enjoy the full benefits of the impressive boots. To make sure no one misses out on everything Merrell has to offer, the company makes men and women's boots in a variety of sizes. In fact, if needed, the hiking boots can be purchased in medium and wide widths.

Merrell Boots Quality Construction

Merrell has built a three decade history of quality by producing high performance hiking boots that people want to bless their feet with. In addition to creating lightweight tac boots, Merrell also features a variety of high-quality materials and technologies in their boots. For example, Moab boots from Merrell feature:

  • Durable leather
  • Breathable, mesh uppers
  • A synthetic toe cap
  • An Ortholite anatomically correct footbed
  • Compression molded EVA sole
  • Vibram Multi-sport technology on the soles

This innovative technology and high quality materials combined create a hiking boot that people want to wear, and people trust these boots to keep them safe while they are exploring the outdoors.

Merrell Boots Mission

When Merrell Boots was created in the early 80s, it was with the intent of providing quality footgear for people to help them get outside. More importantly, the company wanted to provide footwear to help people enjoy the outdoors. In fact, Merrell's boots are designed to help people climb rugged terrain, make vertical climbs, and stomp through areas where others would never dare set foot.

Vibram Multisport Technology on the Soles

With Vibram Multisport Technology on the soles of these innovative hiking boots, these boots will perform like the rugged hiking boot they are, in fact, Merrell boots performance is often compared to that of the toughest tactical boots on the market, but will do so with all the ease and comfort of the best and most comfortable tennis shoes available.

The technologies and advantages of the Merrell Boots listed above, make these boots an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors, but do so safely. More importantly, these Merrell shoes are made to allow outdoor enthusiasts to travel the rugged terrain of the outdoors in a comfortable manner. Make the best choice for hiking or tactical footwear by purchasing Merrell Boots. Can't decide which Merrell boot is best for you? Consider the Moab boot by Merrell. This innovative boot, features Merrell's most fundamental beliefs and provides safety and comfort that can't be found in other boots in its class.

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