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The Well Known Magnum Boots

Magnum Boots are known throughout the military and first responder communities as solid, reliable boots that provide superior performance, rugged durability and sharp good looks. Police officers depend on the outstanding fit and comfort of these elite tactical boots to provide traction and control during pursuits and other high-intensity interactions, firefighters can rely on Magnum Boots to provide true waterproof protection for feet even in the most treacherous terrains and dangerous working conditions, and ambulance personnel often spend long hours on their feet handling medical emergencies and dealing with the public. These serviceable boots are the perfect way to protect and pamper hard-working feet in the emergency services field.

Innovative Construction brought to you by Magnum Boots

Innovative construction materials and methods have made Magnum Boots one of the elite manufacturers in the tactical boot marketplace. Exclusive features of these boots include the following:
  • Moisture wicking linings for added comfort
  • Anti-microbial treatments to protect feet in wet conditions
  • Steel and composite toe construction
  • Suede and leather uppers
  • Advanced waterproofing methods on select boots
  • Removable contour insoles for added cushioning
  • Ballistic nylon inserts for added ventilation in hot, dry climates
  • Anti-fraying thread for improved durability
These deluxe features set Magnum Boots apart from the everyday and ensure their quality and reliability for on-the-job performance in a wide range of first responder duties. More details can be found in our Magnum Boots Frequently Asked Questions.

For the optimal combination of fit, comfort, durability and traction, please check our Magnum Boots Sizing Chart for your perfect fit.Magnum Boots is the obvious choice for emergency services providers. Tactical Boot Store offers these elite footwear options to first responders at affordable prices, allowing these valued public servants to receive the most suitable and serviceable boots for their daily duties and ensuring the safe and sure performance of their tasks in the emergency services field.