HAIX Boots Sizing Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

Haix Boots are available in men's sizes from 4.5 through 14.5 and women's sizes from 5.0 to 12.0. These boots are available in narrow, medium and wide widths and run one-half to one full size smaller than regular street shoes in most cases, as illustrated by the following example:

  • Joe normally wears a size 10 street shoe. He should order a size 10.5 or a size 11.0 in Haix Boots to achieve the proper fit.

Additionally, women who want to purchase men's boots from Haix should opt for one full size smaller than their regular street shoe size, as demonstrated here:

  • Jane normally wears size 6 in women's shoes and a size 4 in men's shoes. She should select a men's size 5 in Haix boots to ensure proper fit and comfort.

Adjusting the thickness and bulk of socks can also make a difference in the fit of these advanced tactical and firefighter boots. Lace-up models offer even more customization options for improved fit and comfort. Removable insoles can provide added support for higher arches and may increase your overall level of satisfaction with the fit of your new Haix Boots products.

At Tactical Boot Store, we want you to be delighted with every pair of boots we sell. If your new boots do not fit properly, contact us immediately to arrange for an exchange. You can exchange your Haix tactical Boots or first responder boots for up to 30 days after you receive them from us. We are committed to providing you with the best in customer service for all your first response tactical gear needs.

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