HAIX Boots Frequently Asked Questions

by Tactical Boot Store

Tactical Boot Store offers an extensive selection of Haix Boots to serve the first responder community throughout the U.S. We offer the best prices available and deliver these excellent tactical and waterproof boot products to our customers to assist them in performing their duties more effectively. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Haix Boots lineup of tactical, firefighter and waterproof boots.

How do these Haix Boots differ from those sold on other sites for higher prices?
They don't. Each item in the Tactical Boot Store lineup of Haix boots is the same as comparable items sold elsewhere. We acquire and sell only first quality new Haix boots to ensure that you receive the outstanding durability and reliable performance you need to succeed in your chosen field.

Are these boots only for firefighters and first responders?
Tactical Boot Store primarily serves the first response community. However, if your daily job duties require the strength, durability and flexibility found in the Haix Boots line of tactical footwear, we are happy to provide them to you even if you work outside the first response and public safety industries.

How can Tactical Boot Store offer boots at such low prices?
We deal directly with the manufacturer and obtain our boots at wholesale prices. Our low overhead allows us to take a lower percentage of the costs to cover our expenses. We maintain a streamlined operation that further reduces our necessary expenditures, allowing us to provide the absolute lowest prices on these elite boots.

Does Haix Boots only produce firefighter boots?
While Haix Boots is best known for its lines of Haix waterproof boots designed for firefighters and other first responders, the company also offers an extensive lineup of tactical boots, zip boots and military boots and shoes to meet the needs of other first responders.

What are the Tactical Boot Store shipping policies?
Within the contiguous or lower 48 states of the U.S., we offer free shipping on all orders over $150. For orders that add up to less than $150, flat rate shipping is available at $12.49 per order. Shipping prices for other orders are based on the actual costs we incur; call for more information on shipping costs for overseas deliveries from Tactical Boot Store.

Can I return my Haix Boots?
We offer a 30-day return period starting from your date of receipt. Simply contact us with your reason for returning your boots and we will provide you with additional information on how to ship your boots back to us. Once we have received your return, we will credit your account, provide you with an exchange or refund your money less the cost of shipping and restocking. At Tactical Boot Store, we want your return business. As a result, we work hard to make your entire shopping experience the best that it can be.

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