HAIX Boots Buyer's Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

With over 75 years in the boot-making business, Haix Boots delivers exceptional footwear designed specifically to meet the needs of military personnel, first responders and other individuals in high-impact professions. Haix Boots began in Mainburg, Bavaria, as a producer of top-quality hiking and trail boots for the local marketplace. Today, Haix Boots delivers excellence in tactical and firefighter boots for use by hard-working first responders around the world. Tactical Boot Store offers a full line of Haix Boots for our customers to provide them with the protection and traction they need to succeed in their demanding first response positions. These boots offer the full range of necessary features for firefighters, police officers and other public safety personnel. Here are some features to consider when choosing a pair of Haix Boots.

Ensuring that your new boots fit properly is essential to ensure comfort and improve mobility. Haix Boots are available in men's and women's sizes and can be purchased in narrow, medium and wide widths for even more customization in fit. Haix Boots are available in half-size increments ranging from men's size 4.5 through 14.5; other sizes may be available via nonreturnable special order.

Quality construction
Haix Boots undergo stringent tests before they reach customers. This array of testing procedures ensures maximum performance in high-impact professional duties and includes the following:

  • Tensile testing, including tear force and separation at seams and connections
  • Abrasion tests for all surface materials
  • Flame resistance tests for all boot materials
  • Protective toe cap impact and pressure testing
  • Water resistance, including bath, dynamic water testing and centrifugal force tests
  • Anti-static testing
  • Grip checks for traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Spectrometer measurements for identifying degree of light reflection

Every pair of Haix Boots for first responders and military has been carefully designed to meet or exceed all applicable statutory requirements and standards regarding the manufacture and materials used in tactical boots. This commitment to quality ensures that these elite boots suit the needs of first responders and provide traction and maneuverability in demanding on-the-job situations.

Traction and control
The foundation of any great tactical or work boot is its sole. Haix Boots offer exceptional features designed to ensure secure footing in all weather conditions and on all types of terrain. Here are some of the most advanced and cutting-edge features incorporated in the sole systems of Haix Boots:

  • Foam-filled soles for added support and comfort on long days at work
  • Non-marking soles for indoor use
  • High-traction construction for added safety in the field
  • Antistatic materials
  • Exclusive designs that grip smooth and uneven surfaces for improved traction
  • Flexible soles that bend and move to provide added maneuverability
  • Resistance to fuel, oil and other chemical lubricant materials

The innovative techniques and top-quality materials used in these soles make Haix Boots a leader in providing solid footing for first responders throughout the world.

Police duty boots
Haix Boots are ideal for use in the law enforcement environment. They incorporate cutting-edge protective features and are available in a variety of heights designed to suit the requirements of local dress codes and to provide added protection for on-the-job working conditions. Depending on the requirements of the job, Haix Boots can be purchased in a range of colors and styles that deliver outstanding performance in this demanding line of work. Rugged and durable, Haix Boots stand up to the worst that the law enforcement field has to offer and look great every step of the way.

Tactical and work boot features
Haix Boots incorporate a number of cutting-edge features that provide added support for first responders and other individuals in the course of everyday duties. These innovative features include the following:

  • Protective toe caps designed for maximum shielding against impacts and stubbed toes
  • Kevlar-reinforced anti-puncture soles
  • Protection against electrical shock
  • MSL impact-absorbing system for added comfort
  • Adjustable fit to accommodate individual foot shapes
  • Advanced ventilation system that allows air to enter and exit at the top of the boot
  • Zip boots for easy on-off access in emergency situations
  • A proprietary arch support system to reduce fatigue and increase
  • Waterproof boots for firefighting use
  • ID plate in each pair of boots to identify ownership
  • Heel edges for easy removal of Haix firefighter boots
  • The SecuraLiner system from Haix provides a comfortable, dry interior for feet

Haix Boots offers all these features and more to ensure the safety and performance of first responders. Haix Boots are designed to provide first responders with the most exceptional degree of comfort and flexibility, allowing their feet to stay cool, dry and protected even in the most unfavorable and challenging conditions.

By purchasing these exceptional tactical and firefighter boots through our Tactical Boot Store, you can get the best prices on these essential elements of your working gear. Tactical Boot Store makes it easy to buy the elite tactical gear you need to do your best work on behalf of the public in the first response field.

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