Combat boots make sure you are battle ready and safe even in try

by Tactical Boot Store

Boots form an essential element in the make up of a well-equipped soldier. Combat boots are special boots designed to undertake the worst form of assault. Many verticals of the security forces, air, ground and water utilize these boots. The material, shape and technology combine to ensure that the feet of the warriors are adequately safeguarded. In addition, the combat boots offer the soldiers traction, enhanced mobility and waterproof features. Most of the combat boots have special flame resistant material and hardened areas, for support and protection.

A combat operation will involve tactical moves, which entails that the personnel would be wearing the boots for long period of time. The combat boots are so designed that they allow the feet good ventilation. These combat boots are usually made of supreme quality leather, which is of the full grain type. These ventilated leather combat boots are ideal for personnel deployed in the aircraft and armored tanks.

For the marine troops the combat boots employ a special category of leather, which is water resistant. These types of boots aid soldiers in both land and amphibious operations. Leather lends special character to the combat boots, this material is extremely durable, and remains sturdy even under high stress. Thus the shoe doesn't loose shape during prolonged usage, under highly stressful situations. Also, different activities put varied level of pressure to different parts of the boots, like marching, climbing, running etc. the combat boots can negotiate these activities easily.

These combat boots also need special socks, which prevents the foot from slipping within the boot. These high thickness socks ensure that the combat boots fit well and tightly on the feet. The user should ideally choose the boot size very close to his/her foot size. If the size of the boots is bigger than that of the wearer's foot, it will create difficulties in managing the boots. Since these boots are primarily of leather, hence adequate protection to the feet while doing vigorous activity is important to prevent shoe bites.

The Marine Corps of United states switched from the black polished leather combat boots to rough surface combat boots, which did not have shine. These worked well since they were easier to maintain and in addition, they were tailor made for the hot or temperate weather. The combat boots utilized these days by the Marine Corps are waterproof to ensure that the combat boots survive the wet conditions as well. The standard combat boots issued by marines are the Waterproof USMC version of the Belleville 500 series. There are commercial versions of the marine combat boots available in the market. These commercial boots are really sought after, due to their durability, protection and all climate-wear features that they offer.

The US Army also switched to the rough-out variety, which uses the special wetness wicking socks, owing to the success of the combat boots in marine wing. Even the army developed two types of army combat boots for temperate and hot weather climates. The US Air force also started using the combat boots and these are the leaf colored green suede boots.

Thus combat boots are the order of the day, they might differ slightly in shape and style but the essential elements and technology in making them, still remains the same worldwide.

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