If you’re heading to boot camp or looking for a military boot you can wear on and off-duty, you probably found this article while researching compliance issues. The fact is there are a ton of compliance issues when it comes to wearing tactical boots. Compliance is critical for those in the military. But, soldiers aren’t the only ones that need to understand compliance issues revolving around tactical footwear. Below, we’ll go over the most critical aspects of tactical boot compliance to help you determine whether it’s something you need to be concerned with in your life.

AR670-1 Tactical Boot Compliance

Who needs to understand AR670-1 tactical boot compliance? Soldiers. Why? AR670-1 deals with Army-authorized boots. According to this authorization, the Army requires tactical boots to be between 8 and 10” in height. Additionally, Army boots must be made of flesh-side out cattle hide leather. Other requirements include a rubber, plain toe, and polyurethane sole. The sole and toe of the boot must match in color, and no mesh fabric can be used on the boot.

AR670-1 requirements also require footwear to be coyote brown or desert tan. A distinct color choice is selected because it matches the new OCP ACU. At Tactical Boot Store, we understand AR670-1 tactical boot compliance and have organized our inventory to make it easy to find authorized Army boots. We have several manufacturer options including Belleville, Rocky, NIKE, and Danner.

What does the Berry Amendment have to do with tactical boots?

Another compliance issue that soldiers have to consider is Berry Compliance. If you haven’t heard of the Berry Compliance, but know what the Berry Amendment is, you’re covered. According to the Berry Amendment, the Department of Defense must give preference to domestically produced, manufactured, or home-grown products when buying for the military. While the Berry Amendment can be applied to many items, it is most notably applied when the Department of Defense is buying fabrics, clothing, food, and specialty metals for the military. We offer several Berry Compliant boots in our online store including:

  • Belleville
  • Danner
  • Reebok
  • Rocky

GSA Compliant Footwear

GSA Compliance is a special code that applies to the US military. Rules and regulations associated with the General Services Administration are very important for soldiers. According to the GSA, boots must be made with meticulous materials and constructed with processes that ensure it will hold up under harsh circumstances. To make it easy to shop our inventory, we’ve gathered several GSA compliant tactical boots in one place.

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