If you have flat feet, you know how important it is to wear quality tactical boots. If you don’t wear the proper footwear, your feet can ache and hurt long after you take the shoes off. In fact, your feet will probably still be aching when you go to put your tactical boots on the next day. Thankfully, that can all be avoided if you choose the right footwear for your flat feet.

Rothco Forced Entry AR670-1 Coyote Tactical Boots

Rotcho’s Forced Entry AR670-1 coyote tactical boots is one of the best on the market for people with flat feet. The good news is the Forced Entry boot is AR670-1 compliant. It’s made explicitly for comfort, speed, ease, and mobility. At first glance, it looks like a running shoe. Even better, it’s as comfortable to wear as your favorite running shoe. If you have flat feet, you won’t cringe every time you walk because the boot is built for comfort.

Belleville’s 350 Tactical Research Khyber II Lightweight Tan Mountain Hybrid Boot

Belleville has a reputation for making tactical boots everyone wants to wear. The boot company is renowned as one of the very best in the market. The 350 Tactical Research Khyber II Lightweight Tan Mountain Hybrid boot is ACU-approved and can be used in the field. If you have flat feet, you’ll immediately feel the difference between this footwear and others you’ve worn.

The Belleville boot helps you hit the ground with mobility. Belleville has been making tactical boots since the first World War, so you can count on them to make boots that provide traction, stability, and reliability too.

Belleville Tactical Research TR511 Mini-Mil Transition Boots

If you suffer from flat feet, you know how hard training and moving on the hard material can be. Belleville’s Tactical Research TR511 Mini-Mil Transition boot was created as a special request for those with unique footwear needs. The specialized training boots make it easier to work on rigid surfaces, stony paths, and will better equip you for hard training maneuvers. Belleville used unique leather and rubber to created these tactical boots. The AR670-1 compliant boots have hydrophilic linings, which will keep your feet dry and comfortable at all times.

Tactical Research Mini-Mil Transition Athletic Tan Boot TR111

When your flat feet ache, the last thing you want to do is put on heavy tactical boots. Instead, you’ll wish to options that are lightweight and made of high-quality materials. The unique shoelaces installed in this footwear will help you get a custom foot that will aid in comfort. The best feature for people with flat feet is the shock absorbing qualities built into the sole. When the boot absorbs shock, you’ll feel protected, which makes these tactical boots ideal for complicated tasks.

If you’re in the Army and need quality footwear to help ease the pain caused by your flat feet, you’ll enjoy any of the tactical boots mentioned above. None of the companies above will let you down. Instead, you’ll be impressed by their quality, comfort, and durability.