When you shop our online store, you’ll notice that many of the boots use a YKK zipper. So, why are these zippers so special? The quality and craftsmanship of the YKK zipper is why it’s almost always found in high-quality goods. A solidly made YKK zipper that goes straight up and down will rarely ever fail, which means the boot buyer can rely on it every single time they put it on.

You don’t have to wear mesh uppers on your boots if you don’t want too. The new AR-670-1 standards went into effect and changed everything people thought they knew about their service boots. New regulations require all-leather boots.

The preference for soldiers is tan boots, and the material is flesh-side-out cattle hide leather. AR670-1 compliant military boots should also feature a rubber and polyurethane sole and a plain toe. Below are AR 670-1 compliant boot from Tactical Boot Store. Bookmark this and check back often as it will be updated.

At the Tactical Boot Store, we specialize in military boots, work boots, combat boots, and tactical boots. During our time in the business, we have learned what military boots are the most popular on the market and then stocked our shelves with these boots. To learn more about the types of boots we carry in our online store and to learn more about the Tactical Boot Store, check out the information provided in the blog below.