There are many reasons you need quality boots. Footwear is essential to comfort, uniform requirements, and helping prevent common foot injuries. If you have a physically demanding job, such as a construction worker or police officer, you probably need tactical boots. The right tactical boots can provide you with comfort and help protect you against workplace injuries.

When you’re choosing work boots for your feet, we understand it’s an important decision. That’s why we offer Danner boots in our online store. The Portland, Oregon, factory has been crafting boots by hand since the early 1930s. One of the reasons Danner has been able to stand the test of time is because they have found the perfect balance between aesthetics and classic styles.

The Bull Run is a Danner favorite. It’s a traditional work boot for most, but craftsman knows it’s much more than that. At first glance, the silhouette of the boot immediately lets you recognize the man that will wear it in the field. A laborer, construction worker – a tough guy that works with his hands. A craftsman looks at the Bull Run design and knows it’s much more than a work boot – it’s almost a work of art.