When you’re heading to the front lines, the last thing you want to worry about is your feet. Police, fire, EMS, and soldiers spend hours on their feet. Whether standing or patrolling, these men and women need tough tactical boots that provide them with protection, comfort, and mobility they need to work the front lines. As experts in the tactical boot field, here are our favorites.

Original SWAT – Classic 6” Side Zip

The Classic 6” side zip is a favorite of many. No one loves it as much as EMS members. When you show up to the scene of a violent crime, you’ll appreciate the mid-height Classics AEGIS anti-microbial protection. It offers next-level protection, comfort, and is easy to wear because of its light weigh. At just 36oz. per boot, you won’t have to worry about weighing yourself down. Even better, the affordable price of these Original SWAT boots won’t bust your wallet either.

5.11 Tactical XPRT 2.0 Tactical Desert

5.11 Tactical satisfies the need for rugged breathability with the XPRT 2.0 tactical desert boot. It uses Viking Tactics gear to deliver a European hiking boot that is ready for combat straight from the box. The desert boot is a bit narrower than others, but wide size options are available in almost every size. HELCOR leather is paired with ripstop nylon to provide a tough exterior that can’t be beat. For waterproof protection, a breathable waterproof membrane has been added and will help keep your feet protected while you work to protect those around you.

Magnum Response III 8.0

The Magnum Response III 8.0 is extremely durable. Magnum added a fiberglass shank to provide boot support without adding a ton of weight. You can get exactly what you want comfort wise with a removable insole. The side zipper means you only must find your perfect lacing set-up once. After that, zip it up and you’ll get a custom fit each time. Nylon uppers provide flexibility in the ankle, which means you’re always ready to go. And, you don’t have to worry about break-in periods because with the Response III 8.0 – there are none. Those that felt like the boots did need a break-in period usually only wore them for a few hours before they were ready to go.

Haix Black Eagle Athletic 11

The Black Eagle Athletic 11 from Haix is 8” tall and amazing. It is the tallest entry on the list and one of the most wearer friendly as well. The exterior of the tactical boot is abrasion-resistant and the inner liner is breathable, which means you will stay very dry and comfortable at the same time. Haix also wants to help you conserve energy with its unique construction. Haix’s Black Eagle Athletic boot provides support to the center of your heel, which prevents overpronation. Reducing the risk of overpronation allows you to perform well on uneven surfaces.

All of these tactical boots and dozens of others are available at Tactical Boot Store. We carry only the best tactical boot brands on the market and we’re here and ready to help you choose what’s exactly right for you.