Choosing the right hiking boots is essential for comfort, stability, and surefootedness. When shopping our store, you might be hesitant to consider boots from brands you’ve never worn. That’s great if you’re absolutely in love with technology used by a certain company but you might not know what you’re missing if you do.

To help you step outside your comfort zone, we’ve put together a list of our three favorite hiking boot choices.

Merrell Moab Ventilators

You’ve probably seen Merrell athletic shoes setting on the shelves of a department store. The footwear company has a huge line of tactical trainers that adventurers love. As great as Merrell’s tennis shoes are when you’re hiking, you really need a boot. mens-merrell-moab-ventilator-walnut

The Moab Ventilators from Merrell are perfect in this instance. The mid-height hiker is made of durable leather and mesh uppers. This unique combination delivers comfort and stability while providing ankle support as well.

Merrell added a Vibram outsole to ensure you can hike in any weather with confidence. The rubber compound offers several unique traction zones to deliver better grip and durability. Mesh materials are added throughout the boot to promote natural ventilation and odor control.

What makes the Moab Ventilator a top choice for us is the mid-height, which makes it perfect for trail hikes, biking, and outdoor adventures. We also love the ankle support provided by the hiker boot and the fact that it’s offered in men’s and women’s sizes.

Unfortunately, the Moab Ventilator isn’t waterproof. When comparing this choice to others, it’s important to note the fabric eyelets have a tendency to tear and the sole may not make this boot the best choice for rocky trails.

Hi-Tec Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiker

We’re just getting to know Hi-Tec. When considering whether to add the footwear to our online store, we were immediately impressed by the company’s hiking boot choices. One choice that really stood out was the Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiker. Hi-Tec 7035 Bandera Mid Waterproof Boots

Hi-Tec made this mid-height hiking boot waterproof and made it perfect for trailblazing and bouldering. Whether you wear this boot on long or short hikes, you’re sure to stay comfortable. Comfort is due partly to the unique suede materials used to construct the footwear. Not only does the suede make the boot look good but it ensures it will last a long time too.

We love this hiker because it has breathable mesh uppers. The waterproof design means you don’t have to cancel your hike if Mother Nature doesn’t co-operate and the stylish design means you don’t have to bring a change of footwear with you.

Like any boot choice, the Bandera does fall short in a couple areas. Firstly, the Bandera like most other Hi-Tec boots has a tendency to run small. Lastly, the toe box feels a bit cramped when it’s on and it can be hard to get a tight knot at the top of the boot.

Danner Mountain

Don’t roll your eyes! We know you’ve probably seen the Danner Mountain on the feet of hipsters or urban fashionistas. Although these boots have become a bit of a fashion statement, it doesn’t take away from how truly great they are as hiking and backpacking boots. Danner-30800-Mountain-Brown-Boots

Danner, one of the most respected footwear companies in the world, first introduced the Mountain in the 1970s. The ankle high boot is recraftable, features a padded collar and tongue, and the more you wear them, the better they look and feel.

Due to their stiff and heavy design, the Mountain isn’t the right choice for everyone. It is also considerably more expensive than the other two hiking boots mentioned above. But, like most Danner boots, the Mountain will last much longer than any other footwear in your closet.

There you have it, our personal recommendation for hiking boots. If you don’t see a footwear choice that meets your needs – let us know and we’ll be glad to help you choose exactly what you need. At Tactical Boot Store, we have dozens of boots to choose from and get more each day.