If you’re an avid hiker, you already understand the importance of choosing great hiking boots. However, you may not be aware of how important the shoelaces you use to lace your boots up are to your comfort and confidence on the trail. Here, we will go over important shoelace tips for hikers that will make every journey you take in the woods a bit easier, safer, and definitely more comfortable.

Hikers Should Use Soft, Flat Shoelaces

For the best comfort on the trail, you should use soft, flat shoelaces in your hiking boots. Using soft, flat shoelaces, you will reduce pressure points that can be created when you opt for hard, round shoelaces.

Criss Cross Lacing Reduces the Risk of Pressure Points in Hiking Boots

If you have spent time in hiking boots, you know one of the worst pains is pressure points in your boots. Thankfully, if you use soft, flat shoelaces, and criss cross your shoe laces, you can almost eliminate the creation of pressure points. However, if you are a hiker that often has pressure points on the upper ridge of your foot, you may want to opt for a straight bar lacing system.

Tuck Shoelace Loops and Lace Ends In While Hiking

When you are hiking, it’s best to tuck laces and loops inside your boot. Tucking laces and loops in will prevent the laces from being snagged by debris on the trail. In addition to tucking laces and loops into the top of the boot, you can also tuck loops inside crossovers of lacings in the middle of the hiking boot.

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