One of the most important pieces of equipment a first responder has is their feet. Like Lieutenant Dan said in Forest Gump, “sock can be the difference between life and death.” The shoes or boots you wear can literally make or break you in a survival situation. When it comes to keep your feet in great shape, we have some easy tips to follow.

When you buy military boots, you have to make sure you get the right fit. First off, you need to have boots that fit snugly. However, the footwear shouldn’t be tight in any way. When you walk in your new military boots, the heel of your foot must stay in play. If your foot slides up and down, it could cause painful blisters. If you’re pretty sure you have the right fit, but the boots don’t feel perfect – try tightening or loosing the laces. Start adjusting the laces towards the toe of your foot first and work your way to the top of the boot.

Police officers have a commitment to upholding the law and maintaining order in our country. Everyone from traffic officers to military police deployed in foreign countries puts their life on the line to protect others. For that, we at Tactical Boot Store salute you. We’ve also gathered the best information on tactical boots for police officers to help you save money and keep your feet in good health. Here are our best suggestions for quality tactical boots.

A modern tactical boot provides wearers with flexibility, support, and durability. With these qualities, you will be able to train and work without the distraction of sore feet. What this means is soldiers, Marines, Special Forces Teams, police, and anyone else can handle any tactical situation easier. Whether marching, patrolling, or parachuting, when you wear quality tactical boots, you become an asset rather than a liability. At Military Boot Super Store, we have several boot manufacturers that use advanced tactical applications.

Haix has made affordable footwear since 1948. In 1992, the company switched its focus to firefighter boots. The shift to firefighter footwear was made after Ewald Haimerl, a deputy fire chief with Mainburg’s fire service, was unhappy with the rubber boots he and his colleagues had access too. Instead of sitting around complaining about it – Haimerl designed a boot that was functional for him and his comrades.