One of the most important pieces of equipment a first responder has is their feet. Like Lieutenant Dan said in Forest Gump, “sock can be the difference between life and death.” The shoes or boots you wear can literally make or break you in a survival situation. When it comes to keep your feet in great shape, we have some easy tips to follow.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Seems simple, but it’s not that easy. Hiking and camping takes planning and sometimes the weather doesn’t co-operate, which means your feet might get wet. In order to enjoy your outdoor time no matter what Mother Nature has in plan, you need to order a pair of tactical or hiking boots that will keep your feet dry. The best way to do this is to choose a pair of waterproof boots. Add a great pair of hiking socks and your feet will be in great shape.

Give Your Feet Time to Breathe

One of the issues with waterproof boots as mentioned above is that they have a tendency to not let your feet breathe well. What this means is your feet will be sweatier than normal. When you opt for waterproof boots, you need to let your feet breathe. When your hiking in the woods, take a break. Kick off your boots and slip off the socks while you’re resting. If you’re spending the week camping – make sure you have a pair of sandals on hand.

Keep Moleskin in Your First Aid Kit

If your feet hurt, you’ll be reminded of this every time you take a step. One way to take care of a foot issue before it gets out of hand is to carry moleskin in your first aid kit. Actually, moleskin is an essential first aid kit for an outdoor adventurer. Four or five sheets of moleskin is probably all you’ll need for a weekend adventurer. However, if your partner is new to hiking, you may want to carry a few more.

Stay safe – enjoy your adventures and shop Tactical Boot Store when you need new footwear!