Rocky has been creating work boots for generations. It’s a brand you already know and trust. Any footwear made by this rugged manufacturer won’t let you down. Today, we want to spotlight the Alpha Force series. Specifically, the Composite Toe Waterproof work boot. Rocky created the Alpha Force Composite Toe Waterproof work boot for men and women that get their hands dirty. The popular Rocky boot also meets basic safety standards and requirements.

When you think of tactical boots, you probably think these boots are only made for combat, but the truth of the matter is, tactical boots are perfect or use in the woods. Learn more about why you can wear tactical boots in the woods below.

Half Calf boots aren’t Just for Cops and Soldiers

Police and military are the biggest buyers of tactical boots, but it’s important to realize that half calf boots aren’t just for cops and soldiers. In fact, hikers, backpackers, hunters, and those that just love the outdoors can truly benefit from a half calf tactical boot.