If you’re heading to boot camp or looking for a military boot you can wear on and off-duty, you probably found this article while researching compliance issues. The fact is there are a ton of compliance issues when it comes to wearing tactical boots. Compliance is critical for those in the military. But, soldiers aren’t the only ones that need to understand compliance issues revolving around tactical footwear. Below, we’ll go over the most critical aspects of tactical boot compliance to help you determine whether it’s something you need to be concerned with in your life.

When you buy military boots, you have to make sure you get the right fit. First off, you need to have boots that fit snugly. However, the footwear shouldn’t be tight in any way. When you walk in your new military boots, the heel of your foot must stay in play. If your foot slides up and down, it could cause painful blisters. If you’re pretty sure you have the right fit, but the boots don’t feel perfect – try tightening or loosing the laces. Start adjusting the laces towards the toe of your foot first and work your way to the top of the boot.

You don’t have to wear mesh uppers on your boots if you don’t want too. The new AR-670-1 standards went into effect and changed everything people thought they knew about their service boots. New regulations require all-leather boots.

The preference for soldiers is tan boots, and the material is flesh-side-out cattle hide leather. AR670-1 compliant military boots should also feature a rubber and polyurethane sole and a plain toe. Below are AR 670-1 compliant boot from Tactical Boot Store. Bookmark this and check back often as it will be updated.

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If you have ever watched a US flag being folded or folded a US flag yourself, you know that the flag is folded in a particular order, but you may not know the significance of each fold. Here, we will describe the significance of each of the 12 flag folds.

First Flag Fold – Symbolizes Life

The very first fold of the US flag is done so to symbolize life.

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Traditionally, the prestigious United States Army Ranger School has only been open to men. In the fall of 2015, the Army Ranger School opened its Ranger Training Assessment Course to women soldiers as well. On January 30, 2015, five women qualified to attend the school. This is a first in the school’s history.