A modern tactical boot provides wearers with flexibility, support, and durability. With these qualities, you will be able to train and work without the distraction of sore feet. What this means is soldiers, Marines, Special Forces Teams, police, and anyone else can handle any tactical situation easier. Whether marching, patrolling, or parachuting, when you wear quality tactical boots, you become an asset rather than a liability. At Military Boot Super Store, we have several boot manufacturers that use advanced tactical applications.

Haix has made affordable footwear since 1948. In 1992, the company switched its focus to firefighter boots. The shift to firefighter footwear was made after Ewald Haimerl, a deputy fire chief with Mainburg’s fire service, was unhappy with the rubber boots he and his colleagues had access too. Instead of sitting around complaining about it – Haimerl designed a boot that was functional for him and his comrades.

Do you need a safety toe boot? Did you know innovative technology allows you to wear a safety toe that isn’t made of steel. It’s true. There are many work boot toe choices on the market today. By definition, a safety boot must provide reinforced protection from falling objects and compression injuries. The footwear must also be considered durable by ASTM-industry standards.

You don’t have to wear mesh uppers on your boots if you don’t want too. The new AR-670-1 standards went into effect and changed everything people thought they knew about their service boots. New regulations require all-leather boots.

The preference for soldiers is tan boots, and the material is flesh-side-out cattle hide leather. AR670-1 compliant military boots should also feature a rubber and polyurethane sole and a plain toe. Below are AR 670-1 compliant boot from Tactical Boot Store. Bookmark this and check back often as it will be updated.

Rocky has been creating work boots for generations. It’s a brand you already know and trust. Any footwear made by this rugged manufacturer won’t let you down. Today, we want to spotlight the Alpha Force series. Specifically, the Composite Toe Waterproof work boot. Rocky created the Alpha Force Composite Toe Waterproof work boot for men and women that get their hands dirty. The popular Rocky boot also meets basic safety standards and requirements.