Blackhawk Boot Buyer's Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

Blackhawk is a trusted name in tactical gear. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Blackhawk Boots are extremely popular with military personnel, law enforcement agents, and first responders. In addition to these high-impact careers, these military boots are also popular with outdoorsmen and serious hikers alike. The Tactical Boot Store is proud to offer a variety of Blackhawk Boots at affordable prices. When you are deciding which Blackhawk Boots are right for you, make sure to consider the brands following features.

Perfect Fit for Aggressive Performance

It's crucial that the Blackhawk Boots you choose fit perfectly. Wearing a boot that is either too big or too small can cause a great deal of discomfort, which can affect a wearer's performance, and, therefore, create dangerous situations for the wearer. To ensure buyers are getting the best size possible, Blackhawk Boots are available in a variety of sizes, and widths including narrow, wide, medium, and extra wide. These military boots are available in whole and half-size increments from 4 to 14. If you don't see the size you need, email us or give us a call, and we will see if your size is available as a special order product.

Blackhawk Boots: A Legacy of Quality Products

Blackhawk puts their boots through the same aggressive tests that they do with all their tactical gear. After all, the company is recognized around the world as a leader in tactical gear, and they aren't going to risk that superior reputation by selling less than stellar desert boots. This means that every Blackhawk Military and Civilian Boot that hits the market has been deemed worthy of representing the world-renowned brand.

Furthermore, the testing that is completed on these boots means they are safe for a variety of careers including military, law enforcement officers, construction workers, first responders, outdoorsmen, and avid hikers.

Blackhawk Boots Maneuverability and Traction Control

As with all military boots, Blackhawk Boots are only as good as their soles. No one understands this better than Blackhawk Boots. As a result, the soles of Blackhawk Boots include cutting-edge technology that ensures those that wear the boots will experience superior maneuverability and extreme traction control. Blackhawk's maneuverability and traction control techniques make them a leader in military boots.

Blackhawk's Brilliant Boot Features

Blackhawk jungle boots are popular with people all over the world due to the boots' superior features. Some of the most popular Blackhawk Boot features are listed below:

  • Dri-Lex Liner
  • Fully Gusseted Tongue
  • No-Tie Method Laces
  • Laces Storage
  • Lightweight (Avg. Blackhawk Boot weighs about 3.55lbs.)
  • Extra Suede Layers on the Heels and Toes
  • Steel Shank
  • Two-inch ankle webbing
  • Cordura Panels
  • Eight-inch Soft Toe

With these incredible features and a variety of colors including coyote tan, desert tan, brown, black, and sage green color choices, Blackhawk Boots are a fantastic choice for anyone who needs quality boots for everyday use.

When you choose to buy Blackhawk Boots from us, at Tactical Boot Store, you are accessing the very best prices on this quality footwear. In fact, nobody makes it easier to buy the boots you need, at prices you can afford, than Tactical Boot Store.

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