Belleville Boots Sizing Chart

by Tactical Boot Store

Before purchasing tactical boots, be sure to review all of the related product information on our website. Check whether your choice of army boots includes lining, cushioning, or removable inserts, as these do affect how tight or loose the fit might be, to some extent. Extra insoles are also useful for improving the fit of your Belleville boots if they happen to be just a little bit loose. Another aspect that affects the fit and comfort level while wearing the boots are the socks that are worn inside. For example, most of our customers might use thicker socks with cold weather boots, or thinner ones with hot weather Belleville boots. Thicker socks tend to require a little extra space within the boot, so don't forget to take into account the thickness of the socks that are usually worn. Finally, the durable lacing on Belleville boots is another feature that helps to ensure a snug fit for the wearer. As the boot is gradually worn in, the material will adapt itself to the shape of the foot, for a more comfortable wearing experience.

We are always happy to answer any further questions on sizing, fit, or selection for all of the different types of combat boots that we carry in our online store. Get in touch with us directly by phone or email, for advice, tips, and additional information about Belleville boots or any others from our online catalog.

Belleville Boots Manufacturer Sizing

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