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Cutting-edge Innovation From Altama Boots

The original Altama Boots line incorporated Panama soles first developed by the U.S. military in 1944 and featured lugs that wicked mud away to help soldiers keep their footing more effectively on wet and swampy terrain. While these new technological advances in footwear came too late to be implemented into the gear available for World War II, the Panama sole did not see wide-scale use until the Vietnam War. Altama Boots incorporated the sole into many of their mil spec boots for the conflicts that followed. One of the most innovative changes made by the company was the introduction of saw tooth bottoms on the traditional Panama sole to provide added traction and comfort. The resultant boots were also marketed to civilians as the Original Ripple Sole Boots beginning in 2003 and found an eager audience in the first response field. A sizing guide for our Altama Boots can be found here.

Designed to Meet a Wide Range of Needs

Altama Boots began expanding its lineup of boots in 1991 to include footwear designed specifically for civilian use. Today, the company delivers a wide range of elite boots suitable for use in hiking, running, wading through swampy areas, duty boots for first responders, uniform gear, and travel over rough and rocky terrain.

Of these uses, providing stability and comfort for first responders is one of the most critical ways in which Altama Boots serve the greater community. Altama offers boots suitable for use in the following first response fields:

  • Law enforcement and police work
  • Fire fighting duties
  • Ambulance service
  • Emergency rescue

The full line of Altama Boots products is designed to provide maximum performance for those who need it most. For first responders, the confidence and security represented by these key pieces of tactical gear can ensure the greatest degree of success in public safety activities. More information can be found in our Altama boots buying guide.

Exceptionally Advanced Footwear for Modern Needs

Altama Boots offers a number of special lines of boots created specifically to serve those in high-impact professions. Among these top-end mil spec footwear are the following product lines:

  • Sage Designed to meet the needs of the modern U.S. Air Force, sage-colored boots are available in a wide range of styles and with an array of features.
  • Jungle and desert boots Specifically created for these demanding terrain types
  • Combat boots Sturdy and rugged for the toughest military and law enforcement uses
  • Ortho-TacX All terrain traction to ensure safety on ladders and on uneven ground
  • Olive Outstanding support and performance that meets U.S. Marine Corps dress code requirements
  • Panamoc Casual footwear when comfort is the most important consideration
  • Mountain Hiking boots for taking on the steepest inclines and roughest trails
  • Ripples The original saw-tooth sole from the experts at Altama
  • EXOSpeed and LITEspeed Running shoe construction combined with the rugged durability of a true combat boot

The full selection of elite tactical, desert, jungle and mil spec boots available from Altama are the perfect addition to the first responder wardrobe and the right foundation for performing everyday tasks in this critical career path. Tactical Boot Store offers a full range of these exceptional boots for first responders across the U.S. We have a set of our Frequently Asked Questions about Altama Boots if you want more information.