5.11 Tactical Boots Buying Guide

by Tactical Boot Store

Getting the Best Fit

In order to ensure that you enjoy the greatest comfort while wearing you 5.11 boots or trainers, make sure you order the correct size. Keep in mind that if you tend to wear thick socks, you will might have to order a boot or trainer that is a half size larger to ensure the boots or not too tight. Additionally, the correct fit will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from 5.11 tactical boots' Talon Stabilizer technology.

Finding the Footwear That Looks the Best

Since the majority of our customers are members of the military, the law enforcement community and firefighters, we offer a selection of 5.11 boots and trainers in colors that will meet the uniform requirements of these professions. We offer waterproof boots for firefighters, low-rise trainers for those who need to stand on their feet all day, and boots to provide ankle protection and support.

Advanced Technology Offers Superior Performance

In addition to using only the highest quality materials and construction methods to give their military boots, waterproof boots, and police boots the highest level of durability possible, 5.11 also uses the latest technology, such as Coolmax and Drilex linings, to ensure their footwear is the most comfortable that you have ever worn. Additionally, they have boots that provide barriers from the pathogens that are found in bodily fluids for added safety for our hard working first responders. The slip resistant soles ensure the maximum amount of traction, even in oily conditions.

Get the Best Prices When You Buy 5.11 Tactical Boots

At the Tactical Boot Store, we understand that 5.11 tactical boots and trainers cost a significant amount of money. In order to make our selection of 5.11 boots and trainers available to those who protect and serve us, we do everything possible to make our prices for this high performance footwear the most affordable in the marketplace.

What People Are Saying About 5.11 Tactical Boots and Trainers

Everyone who has purchased 5.11 tactical boots, from firefighters and law enforcement officers to members of the armed forces, as well as sportsman and hikers, have given this elite brand of footwear high marks. They appreciate the comfort, ruggedness, and traction of 5.11's police boots, military boots, waterproof boots, and trainers.


Most people who have purchased and worn 5.11's tactical boots and trainers talk about how they can be worn comfortably right out the box, with no need for a breaking in period. The lightweight construction of the boots does not leave the feet of those who wear these boots and trainers tired, even when they are on long shifts or during strenuous training exercises. Firefighters rave about the fact that the boots keep their feet cool and dry, even in the hot and wet conditions they face when fighting fires. Firefighters also like the convenience afforded by the side zippers that allow the boots to be put on and taken off easily. Law enforcement officers remark that the boots are great when standing for a long period, and that the boots are just as comfortable when they have to start running.

Rugged Construction

Many customers have found 5.11's rugged durability in a wide variety of punishing and grueling conditions to be extraordinary. One reviewer commented that he has worn the boots in snowy and wet conditions, as well as hot and arid conditions, and the boots have held up for years. Members of the military have reported that 5.11's military boots are able to withstand the conditions that occur during highly active and rigorous deployments.

Excellent Traction

Members of the military rate 5.11's military boots highly in regards to traction, even when they are on deployments that involve extremely hazardous terrain, such as disaster and emergency situations. People who wear the boots when hunting or hiking also comment about the excellent traction of 5.11's tactical boots in slippery, wet areas in the woods. Firefighters also appreciate the non-slip soles that hold traction in both oily and wet conditions.

Attractive Styling

People who have bought 5.11's tactical boots state that in addition to providing the best performance and protection they have found in functional footwear, the boots and trainers are stylish enough to be worn in the airport and for casual use.

If you want to experience the excellence of 5.11's tactical boots, be sure to read the buying guide, and explore the wide selection of 5.11 tactical boots and trainers offered by the Tactical Boot Store

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